We all outgrow things in life. There will always come a time when you have to put those comfy yet disintegrating shoes in the bin, send that high mileage jalopy to the car scrapheap or search the property pages for somewhere where you can swing a cat, or maybe a dog.

Likewise, with corporate and public sector websites, there comes a time when a site re-fresh is simply not ‘re-freshening’ enough. As your website is your shop window to the world, it soon becomes apparent that no-one wants to open the door to your world anymore.

The NHS East Midlands Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate found this was just the case with their old website, developed by their old web company. According to NHS staff it offered limited flexibility in an ever-changing world and they knew it was a time for a big change.

What we did

Recommended to the NHS East Midlands Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate by another health service client for our NHS web design work, we took the time to understand their needs, audiences and anticipated customer journeys around the site. We profiled typical users and saw the site from their eyes.

NHS Clinical Networks told us: “You managed to make something that had the potential to be complicated, very simple. It has the functionality, such as downloading resources and adding events, that we were very keen to have, in a creative and colourful design.”

Where the old site had become a dumping ground for documents rather than an interactive tool, our site encouraged active engagement with users as well as easily helping them access relevant information.

Creating microsites within the structure

Our NHS web design expertise helped us provide each clinical network with their own ‘micro site’ within the overall site structure. A simple and easy-to-use content management system has enabled the site web editor(s) to quickly be able to change headings and menus according to developments in the NHS, adding years to the lifespan of this attractive website.

Visit NHS EM Clinical Senate website