Recently, access to the NHS has become more fragmented: with urgent care centres, walk-in centres, primary care ‘hubs’, out-of-hours primary care, the 111 phone service, NHS Choices, and secondary and tertiary care, it’s easy for patients to end up confused or in the wrong place. Wellbeing Erewash is a ‘vanguard’ Multi-specialty Community Provider (MCP) pioneering a move towards a community system where people support themselves and take responsibility for their own care and have access to a community support service.

Wellbeing Erewash, needed an accessible, user friendly website that would act as an online portal for anyone using their services. Exacting design standards were a must - alongside the customary tight deadline.


As the website is used by the general public to access vital services, it needed to be accessible for people from all walks of life and from any kind of device, whether they are using a laptop, mobile or desktop. For this reason the site is fully mobile friendly, with information obvious and easy to find, and put in language free from technical jargon. With our friends at Touch Design creating the new brand “Wellbeing Erewash”, we applied the new look throughout the site and focused on building a website with usability in mind, full of resources and information that makes it easy for visitors to find the help and assistance they need to stay healthy.
The site really needed to reflect the people of Erewash, making it clear from the first visit that this site was aimed just for them, not just another regional or national offering.


Deadline achieved! We were able to deliver a website designed to exacting standards, that captures the spirit of the new approach of healthcare organisation and delivery. Less complex, more helpful. The simplified branding and clean layout provides a foolproof communication channel for Wellbeing Erewash, empowering visitors to take their health in their own hands.

View the new site here.