CHEATA (Centre for Healthcare Equipment And Technology Adoption) is a new service based at the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust.  It has been set up to help drive forward the innovation agenda within healthcare and help the NHS become the best health system in the world by rapidly adopting new devices and technologies into practice.

As a stand-alone service it was important for CHEATA to have its own website which could help them to engage and connect with manufacturers, suppliers and NHS brands.  

The CHEATA team had spent time thinking about what they wanted from their website; however when they contacted Volute they had a very tight timeline to work to – it needed to be both designed and built within 4 weeks.

Beth Beeson, Consultant Clinical Engineer at CHEATA explains: “Volute was recommended to us by another local NHS organisation, who had assured us that Volute had experience working within healthcare and were very reliable.”

“The Volute team met with us and found out exactly what we needed, they were able to advise on a design and layout that would work for the service and then submitted a proposal for approval.”

Beth and the team were delighted with the end result. “We were very busy at the time setting up the service so it was great that Volute were simply able to get on with the website design. More importantly they helped us to understand better the type of content we needed to make the website work for us.”

Once the website was completed Volute trained the team at CHEATA so they can add content on themselves.

The end result was a very professional website which showcases what CHEATA offers and will help them attract manufacturers, suppliers and NHS brands that need support to get innovative technology ready for the market.

Take a look at the CHEATA website.

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