They prodded it, they poked it, they turned it over and it stared up lifelessly. Their website was dead. A kiss of life failed to breathe any new life into it. The website’s soul, like the IT experts behind it, had left and gone to another place. The website was an ex-site.

This was the situation faced by the East Midlands NHS Respiratory Programme who found they possessed a website that had stopped being responsive. It was difficult to make editorial or structural changes and clinical information was going out of date. Rather than being a ‘go to’ site for all the latest healthcare thinking, their website was beginning to resemble a dusty museum piece. They had two options: (a) taxidermy and ‘to stuff it’ or (b) seek out a company renowned for the best in healthcare web design and development. Fortunately, they chose ‘b’ and in stepped Volute.

What we did

We listened and we acted. In the spirit of co-design we worked with the respiratory programme to devise a site that worked for them and their target audience, producing a key resource for all those interested in improving treatment and the quality of life for people with respiratory disease. Where before they had experienced endless months of digital frustration, they were soon back online with an attractive website that made sense to site visitors and could be easily updated with all the latest relevant information.

Anything else?

At Volute, our team can provide more than just web design and development; this includes professional support for editorial, photography and video content, search engine optimisation, and branding and design.

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