Why are Mobile Websites so Important?


We read an interesting article recently about consumer trends in 2015. The most important consideration for organisations going forward is that convenience is ranked very high to consumers now. Everyone wants to be able to access information easily and quickly.


This is reflected in the rise of the use of mobile phones and tablets when people are searching for information.  In 2014 a survey showed that 63% of people used mobile devices when searching for information online.


This makes it more important for schools to ensure that their websites are mobile device friendly and easy to read.  Schools develop websites for their students, parents and the community.  If the websites are not easily to access then it reduces engagement.


Mobile browsing is so common now that you need to make the change now and make sure that your website looks good on a smartphone and that all the functions work.


Here are a few more reasons why you need mobile friendly website if you are not convinced yet.


1. Speed is as important as convenience

We are all so busy now that we expect everything quickly at our fingertips.  Research has shown that if websites take too long to load users move on to the next website or abandon their search all together.  Do the test yourself.  Look at your school website on your phone or tablet.  How long does it take to load?  Can you easily click through to the relevant pages?  Can you read what you want or is the font too small? If it’s too time consuming then the users will not bother.

A parent searching for the best school in the area to send their children wont spend ages waiting for your website to load, they will move onto the next website.


2. Increase traffic to your website

Because so many searches are now done using mobile devices it means that if your website is mobile friendly then you will increase the amount of traffic to your website.  Young people are so used to doing everything on their phones now that if they are searching for information on their school website the chances are that they will be accessing it through this route.  If your website if mobile friendly you will reduce bounce rate as the user will be more inclined to spend more time reading pages that are relevant to them.


3. Engage more effectively

Most schools are now committed to engaging more effectively with students, parents and the community.  They often have blogs on their websites and useful information that is of interest to all.   User experience is becoming increasingly important.  Websites can now be designed so that they automatically adapt to different devices and the user experience is not compromised in any way.  You can share images, information about events and communicate effectively at all times and really connect with all the visitors to your website.


So make 2015 the year that you increase engagement and revolutionise the way you communicate with your students, parents and local community.  Test your website yourself on a range of devices and assess whether you would enjoy spending time browsing the website.  If not, get in touch with us and let us advise on how you can make your website more user friendly.

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