Sharing information and supporting professional development

Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, as well as managers and leaders all have their part to play in providing services to patients in primary care, the community and in the hospital setting.

With increasing pressure on the healthcare system and the people working in this, it becomes more difficult to share useful information and support professional development. 

Some NHS Organisations that we have worked with understand that time is precious and they want to help their teams continue to develop and keep up to date with new national and local policies as well as clinical developments.

This is where an intranet or clinical portal can really help to make a difference.  We are all used to accessing information online but sometimes this can be overwhelming.  If a GP or nurse has a spare half an hour they don’t want to spend ages trawling the internet looking for information.

We did some work recently with the Institute of Mental Health, they wanted to create a website that busy clinicians could use to keep up to date with latest developments within mental health.  The website has allowed them the opportunity to bring together latest news and information as well as create a library of journals that have been published in the field.

If you are looking at creating an intranet or portal for staff and clinicians, here are some pointers to help you:

  • Keep the site simple and make sure it’s easy to navigate around
  • Make sure that you keep the news up to date and relevant
  • Consider a twitter feed and other ways to encourage comments

Also make sure that the contact managment system is easy to access by the editors.  If this process is too complicated then people will be less likely to go on and keep the intranet/portal up to date.

Finally when we built the website for the Institute of Mental Health we were asked to produce a parallel site in Chinese.  This helped cement academics links and relationships.  So you may need to consider if you would benefit from a multilingual website, anything is possible.

Sharing information and supporting professional development

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