Apple Watch



Around six months ago Volute gathered around the TV to watch Apple’s keynote in which they unveiled the Apple Watch, an exciting new product aiming to take smart watches to the mass market. This week Apple have been taking appointments for members of the public to try on Apple Watches and on Tuesday I went and tried some on.

apple store

On first seeing the watches I immediately noticed how much smaller they looked than I expected! I guess that’s because the device is a lot smaller than the photos I look at of them on their website. They looked both fairly inconspicuous and didn’t look like they’d draw too much unwanted attention in public. I tried on both the Sport and Stainless Steel models, unfortunately they didn’t have any gold Edition’s to try on!

The Sport was nice and light and the Sport’s rubber—sorry, fluoroelastomer, band had a really nice feel to it, soft and lot more supple than I was expecting. Personally I preferred the space-grey case in person, which surprised me as I hadn’t in photographs.

white watch

grey watch

sport strap

The stainless steel version definitely was weightier which was noticeable but still had a nice feel, I loved the classic leather band they had, preferring this to their newer more supposed advanced bands.

stainless steel

leather band

Throughout my trip to the store and back I kept thinking of the possible opportunities where a Watch would be useful. Unlocking my car with my Watch for instance, which BMW are going to be doing with their Watch app(not that I have a BMW! But the possibilities are there). Using my Watch to control my music whilst driving, so I don’t have to glance at my phone, unlock it and use the phone app, constantly distracting my eyes from the road. Once I parked my car I had to use Maps to find out how to get to the store, having my phone in my hand the whole way so I didn’t get lost, constantly glancing down. With the Watch it would be more convenient and even delivers custom ‘taps’ to your wrist when you need to turn, one tap for left, two taps for right. and it would’ve been lovely if I had got my cricket updates to my Watch, preventing the need for me to get my phone out all the time.

These are just a few examples and the new possibilities are great and plentiful, you can see some more at Apple’s website - and

These apps aren’t changing the landscape too much, they are all things that can be done on your phone, bringing them to your wrist is just making them more convenient. Is this going to be worth the minimum cost of £299 for one? Time(get it?) will tell. In the meantime I’ll be getting one(although delivery dates are now June), so if you see me at a networking event feel free to ask to see it and ask whether it seems worth the money or not!

There’s a lot of possibilities for new apps with the Watch and if you or your business have any ideas then give us a call on 0115 914 5839 or email us

Written by James Deacon