Alternative weight loss initiatives

The NHS has tried various initiatives to tackle the rise in obesity; Jamie Oliver famously improved school dinners with his “feed me better” campaigns and in a previous blog (hyperlink) we looked at the sugar tax and how this could impact on health in this country. In this latest blog we look at some slightly wackier alternatives to improving the nation’s health.

Your weight in gold

Citizens of Dubai are being offered their weight in gold to lose weight, specifically a gram of gold for every two kilos they lose.  This is doubled for children, with kids earning a gram of gold per kilo lost and at approximately £30 a gram this offers the chance to earn some decent pocket money. I’m sure this initiative would prove popular in the UK if the government could afford the trillions to fund it.

Hip Hop Public Health

This campaign is backed by Michelle Obama and famous singers including, Ashanti, Jordin Sparks and Run DMC. It aims to inspire young people to exercise more through the medium of Hip Hop. And with hits including ‘Get Up Sit Up’, ‘We Like Vegetables’ and our personal favourite ‘Veggie Luv’ we’re sure this initiative will be a runaway success.

Miracle pill

Scientists are working on a pill that will replace the chore that is eating. They are hoping to make a pill that includes all the nutrients that your body needs to survive. Hypothetically this will completely replace eating in the future by offering a perfectly balanced diet in a pill. However, we struggle to see people wanting to replace their much-loved cuisine with a small, white pill.


This bizarre weight loss method is actively used in the UK.  There are various types with the NHS favouring the intra-gastric balloon approach that places a silicon balloon into the stomach therefore causing the person to have a reduced capacity to eat food and feel full faster. There are other balloon-based weight-loss programs including Obalon in which the participant swallows a pill that inflates into a balloon in the stomach and therefore doesn’t require surgery.

What do you think of these strange weight loss initiatives, and do you think they could be effective? Let us know in the comments below.

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