4 apps that make you fitter and healthier

Eight out of 10 people in the UK own a smartphone. However most people waste their time mindlessly staring at Twitter or relentlessly refreshing Facebook. However your smartphone is an ingenious device that is often underutilised, so we have compiled a list of the best apps that use your smartphone’s practical functions to make you fitter, healthier and happier.

1. Zombies, run!

Available on iPhone and Android. -FREE

We all know that feeling, you know you should go for a run but you just can’t motivate yourself to put your running shoes on and go. This app changes all that. The app simulates a zombie chase meaning that if you don’t run fast enough you’ll get caught and eaten by zombies. What more motivation do you need? What’s more the app records the distance, time, pace and calories burnt of each run. You will never struggle to convince yourself to go on a run again.

2. Sleep Cycle

Available on iPhone and android. - £1.39

Ever wondered why you feel so tired some days even if you’ve had plenty of beauty sleep. Well Sleep Cycle can tell you why, and furthermore, back this up with various graphs and information on your sleeping cycles. It works by measuring the amount of time you spend in different sleep cycles based on your movements whilst asleep. If you wake up whilst you were in a state of heavy sleep you will feel groggy whereas if you wake up during light sleep it will feel like you’ve woken up naturally. It even has an alarm clock designed to wake you up during light sleep so that you can get the best night’s sleep possible.

3. MapMyFitness

Available on iPhone and Android. – Free, or MapMyFitnessMVP has a monthly subscription

MapMyFitness is your one stop shop for all your health and fitness apps.  It offers thousands of workouts with tutorials so you can do them correctly, a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, personal training plans and various running routes in your local area. It also has an activity feed so you can see how friends are getting on with their workouts. Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got an iPhone?

4. HealthyOut

Available on iPhone and Android. – Free

It can be difficult deciding what you want to eat; sometimes you want to be healthy AND eat out, which can seem impossible. HealthyOut makes the impossible possible by listing all the restaurants around you that serve healthy food.  It also has a calorie counter so you will never overindulge yourself at your favourite restaurant again. What’s more it allows you to key in details such as allergies, dietary restrictions or even just personal preferences, and narrows your search down to only include appropriate restaurants.

Have you tried any of these apps? Why not download them and let us know what you think.

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