The 700 series was the GPO's response to public demand, fuelled by American television shows, for a modern design with an anti-tangle handset cord. The Telephone No. 706 was a revelation when it was first released in 1959. It was a robust design which is still in use today in the UK, suitably modified for use with the ‘New Plan’ BT sockets. It was available in two-tone green, two-tone grey, topaz yellow, concorde blue, lacquer red, black and ivory.

This phone is a 1973 746f in lacquer red, a later derivative of the 706 phone. First introduced in 1967, it has the same smooth curves and ergonomic design of the original, is lightweight, colourful and versatile. A built in carry handle enables you to move around to your heart’s content when on the phone, just as long as your heart doesn’t want to go any further than the end of the lead!

This particular model has been modified to work with modern ‘New Plan' sockets and on networks with multiple extensions. It is working and in regular use.