Bradbury Group Ltd is the largest UK manufacturer of steel doors, security grilles and cages with products sold throughout the UK as well as Ireland, the Benelux Countries and West Africa.

"Bradbury's existing site appeared way down the search engine listings," says Alex Gipps of Bradbury. "In fact it was almost impossible to find by any other criteria than the company name. Having found the site, the large amount of repetitive technical information made it off-putting and difficult to navigate around. It was frankly losing the company business in missed opportunities by the day.

I commissioned Volute to design a new site. The appearance and ease of navigation improved overnight but importantly so did the search engine listings. For the first time ever Bradbury  appeared on the first page of Google for its key search term. Google ratings have also been getting better over time and the site is now on the first page of Google for most of its key search terms. Traffic to the site has increased dramatically, doubling over the first six months.

Most important of all so too has business through the site. It was not many weeks before Bradbury re-couped Volute's fee in orders resulting from website enquiries, including a new trade account which will be a source of ongoing future business for the Company."

Alex Gipps, Marketing Manager, Bradbury Group Ltd 

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