Use your website for recruiting: think holistic

Many firms use their website for job vacancies - it's an obvious way to try to recruit staff. Recently our client Larken & Co Solicitors recruited both legal and administrative staff using this route, saving the cost of using a recruitment agency or third party advertising - and speedily filling the posts, too.

However, I'm a firm believer in using your whole website to recruit staff. Think about it for a minute - when potential staff are looking for employment and come across an advertisment on your website, one of the first things they will do is to look around the website to learn more about you.

urban mesh architects

I have been particularly impressed with how one of our clients, Barbican-based architects Urban Mesh, have used their website to talk about who they are and how they work - as well as showing examples of their projects. On their site - - they obviously focus a lot of effor on their individual designs and how they have helped their clients. However, look a bit deeper - as you will as a potential recruit - and you will find their news section. In here they talk about people who have joined, moving to larger offices and show snapshots from office life. 

Painting this picture of their working environment, they can show a bit more of how things are behind the scenes. In a tight jobs market for employers, this can be the difference between a potential applicant sending in their CV and browsing to look at a competitor.

Think about how you might use your website to show a bit more about what it might be like to work for you.

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