How do you monitor the effectiveness of your website?


How do you know if your website is actually doing its job properly? It may look great and say everything you want it to say but is it actually effective at attracting visitors and converting them into sales? Here are a few ideas to help you answer this question.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free to use system designed for monitoring traffic to your website. It’s fairly easy to get to grips with and offers a wide range of statistics which give you a valuable insight into the performance of your website.

There are a number of basic things that you can track with Google Analytics such as:

  • How many people visit your website
  • How many of these visitors are there for the first time
  • How long, on average, people stay on your website
  • The average number of pages visited per person
  • Your website’s bounce rate

Bounce rate is a useful measurement of how well your website is performing; a “bounce” is when someone lands on your website and leaves without visiting any other pages. This can be affected by many factors, such as how fast the page loads and how compelling the content is.

Google analytics also lets you monitor acquisition, i.e. where traffic to your website is coming from. If a lot of people are landing on your site from organic search then this means it is performing well with search engines such as Google, if not, it may be worth looking at optimising your website for search.

Setting up goals in Google Analytics

Goals are a handy way of tracking conversions through your website. You need to determine what exactly it is you want your visitors to do when they are on your site. For example, purchase a product, watch a video, sign up for your newsletter, or fill in a contact form. You can then set this action up as a goal on Google Analytics and let it track the rate at which your visitors complete this goal.

Monitor where leads come from

If you choose not to use an online system such as Google Analytics then there is obviously a limited amount of things you can track, but you can still monitor if any leads come directly from your website. If someone inquires about your product or service, simply ask him or her how he or she came across your company. Did they get referred to you by a friend, find you on social media, or end up on your website? And if they did get in touch with you after visiting your website, how did they find it in the first place? Was it, again, through social media, through Google or other search engines, from another website? Keep a record of any answers you get to keep track of where your leads are coming from and where traffic to your website is coming from.

This has just been a brief overview of Google Analytics; there is much more information and insight it can provide you with to help you to monitor and improve the effectiveness of your website. If you would like any help setting up or using Google Analytics for your website, get in touch by email or call 0115 914 5839.

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