Future proofing your website


We all know the annoyance of changes to the Google search engine algorithm, or to your Content Management Site or even the creation of new technology that wreaks havoc with your website and leaves you scrambling to make alterations to your site. Don’t you wish things could be simpler? Well it turns out there are ways to safeguard against these changes, it’s known as ‘future proofing’ and it could save your company thousands of pounds as well as a great deal of stress. Here at Volute, we aim to offer you guidance on how to ‘future proof’ your website.

1: Keep things simple

It is much easier to alter a website that is simple. This means using the simplest code possible and never overcomplicating processes. Not only will this make it easier to make changes to your website, it should also mean the page loads quicker and your customers enjoy a cleaner, easier to use interface. Off the peg websites often have bloated code that is slow; our sites are all hand-coded to be efficient.

2: How good is your web host?

We host with one of Europe’s largest datacentre providers, giving you the confidence that issues will be sorted quickly, 24/7. Backups and a good support service is essential to any hosting service.

3: Make sure that you have the ability to edit

It is fundamental to create a website that is easily adaptable to whatever the future has in store. This means that the website developer creates a design that can easily be modified if any changes need to be made. This allows you to keep the website up-to-date and saves you money in the process as you don’t need to overhaul your whole website design every time you need to make minor modifications.  

4: Be mobile friendly

This means a responsive web design that changes to fit in with the dimensions of the device it’s being viewed on. This means that your site will appear differently when viewed on a laptop, an iPad or a smartphone, responding to make your site look good whatever it is viewed on. It is important that the web design is truly responsive and hasn’t just been programmed to fit certain size screens as, even though this might be fine in the present, screen sizes are constantly evolving. Try viewing this website on a different device and see how its appearance changes.

5: Plan for change

Did you know that we can redesign our clients website without tearing them apart? Our websites have a good track record of long service. We have just completed one client who has used the same site for over 10 years – well before the first smartphone was invented. By using flexible coding, we ensured that we could retrofit code onto their site to make it work on smartphones. You can also plan to allow changes in appearance to fit in with new trends or emerging markets – all without having to start from scratch with a brand new site.

If you would like any help or guidance on how to future proof your website email us at hello@volute.co.uk or give us a ring on 0115 914 5839.

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