Big changes for mobile search - is your website affected?

 Posting in their webmaster central blog, Google announced that from April 21st, any site that they view as being not mobile-friendly will no longer as readily appear in the search results from mobile devices.

Why are Google making these changes?

We can see why they are doing this, namely to increase the relevance of search results to the user. It’s better to be directed to websites that you can clearly view and easily use from your mobile phone rather than having to pinch-to-zoom around non-compliant sites with tiny text and unclickable links.

Firstly, Google will determine what device the search is being performed on - e.g. a computer, smartphone iPad or tablet. If you are searching from, for example, an iPhone or Android phone, then they will show links to mobile-friendly sites which will display content that is relevant to the device.

What does it mean for my website?

If your site is not mobile friendly, from April 21st it is unlikely that your site will appear anywhere near the top of the Google search results list on mobile devices. When you consider that in the UK in February 2015 that 42.2% of website visits were from smartphones and tablets, that’s a lot of potential visitors that you are missing out on.

How can I tell if my site is mobile friendly?

Well, helpfully Google has put up a handy tool - simply put in your website URL into this link and wait a few seconds for the answer.

How can I make my site mobile-friendly?

For our existing customers this is simple: we can add some additional code to your site to create a separate view for mobile devices (for example, take a look at how this website looks different on an iPad, mobile phone and desktop computer). There's no need for a new site, or to enter new content - we'll handle everything for you.

For others, we can take a brief look at your current site and help you to identify the best route to take. 

For more information on this, contact Volute on 0115 914 5839 or email for a chat about how we can help.