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In the light of the recent TalkTalk data breach, it is timely to look the security measures that you should have in place to safeguard your website.

Similar to the push in the 70s to make all buildings wheelchair accessible, the government is now encouraging websites to be easily accessible for disabled people. Find out what steps you should take to make your website DDA compliant.

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Using your website for job vacancies is an obvious way to try to recruit staff, bypassing recruitment agencies. 

We'll show you how one of our clients uses their whole website to show what a great firm they are to work for.

The NHS is being put under huge strain due to a larger population with increasing healthcare needs. In this blog we look at some slightly wackier alternatives to improving the nation’s health.

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The idea of a sugar tax has been floated for over a decade in the UK, in a bid to counter the obesity epidemic. But what exactly is a sugar tax and what are the arguments for and against it?

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What do you primarily use your smartphone for? Smartphones can provide you with great tools for becoming more productive or improving your lifestyle. We've rounded up 4 of the best apps to help you become fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Around six months ago, Volute gathered around the TV to watch Apple’s keynote in which they unveiled the Apple Watch, an exciting new product aiming to take smart watches to the mass market. This week Apple have been taking appointments for members of the public to try on Apple Watches and on Tuesday I went and tried some on.


It’s not very often that Google announces changes to their search algorithm; so when they do, it’s wise to listen up.

Google announced that from April 21st, any site that they view as being not mobile-friendly will no longer appear in the top search results from mobile devices.

Apple's new framework ResearchKit makes it easy to develop apps that can perform medical research, improving participation levels, providing objective data and providing it frequently and quickly.

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So, you've created your website. It looks great and says everything you want it to say. Now you just sit back and let it do its job, right? Wrong! There are a number of reasons why you should update your website content regularly, and it's not difficult to do.

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Your website can be a great tool for consulting with the public, patients and carers. Here are a few tips which will help you plan how to get the most from an online public consultation.

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All NHS Organisations understand that staff and clinicians are a vital resource.  The demand for healthcare is escalating and the types of healthcare services being developed is increasing.  

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Having worked in the NHS for many years you know that engaging with the public, patients and carers is essential.  The more people that know and trust what you offer, the more likely they are to use your services in an appropriate manner. 

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Over the past few years there have been so many changes in the NHS it’s hard to keep up with the emerging organisations if you work within the NHS.  Just imagine how difficult it is for the general public.  They were just getting used to the Primary Care Trusts and understanding their role as both commissioners and providers of services.

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One of the things you should always do when designing a new website is to get the views of website users. Often you are too close to the project to be able to see things that will be obvious to others.

There comes a time when every website needs an overhaul. Technology moves on, markets rise and fall and trends change.

It’s no different with our own site, so I though it might help if we made a record of the design process we have been through so others in the same position can take this on board when they are considering changes to their own website.

How secure is your password? Well, if you only use a single password, or variations on that, the answer is, in all probability, “not at all secure.” 

Find out how to get round this, without having to become eligible for the world memory championship!