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In the light of the recent TalkTalk data breach, it is timely to look the security measures that you should have in place to safeguard your website.

Online safety is a very recent phenomenon that is constantly evolving, which is why it is vital to constantly be updating your school’s policies. This is why we are offering this guide on e-safety, with a focus on Ofsted’s standards, which can be used as a starting point when reviewing your online safety.

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Do you know the difference between an Academy and a Specialist school? Read our overview of the numerous types of state schools in the country.

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University is a great opportunity for young people to gain knowledge and life experience, and propel them towards a successful career. But what is the cost? We’ve had a look at academic research to find out just how long students can expect to be in debt.

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Around six months ago, Volute gathered around the TV to watch Apple’s keynote in which they unveiled the Apple Watch, an exciting new product aiming to take smart watches to the mass market. This week Apple have been taking appointments for members of the public to try on Apple Watches and on Tuesday I went and tried some on.


It’s not very often that Google announces changes to their search algorithm; so when they do, it’s wise to listen up.

Google announced that from April 21st, any site that they view as being not mobile-friendly will no longer appear in the top search results from mobile devices.

Apple's new framework ResearchKit makes it easy to develop apps that can perform medical research, improving participation levels, providing objective data and providing it frequently and quickly.

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With so many people accessing news and information on the go, these days it is vital for your website to be responsive to mobile devices.

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We were looking for guidelines for website design that may have been issued by either the Department of Education or Ofsted. The amount of information out there is very limited.

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One of the things you should always do when designing a new website is to get the views of website users. Often you are too close to the project to be able to see things that will be obvious to others.