RIBA 2016-2020 Strategy: Leading Architecture

Volute Director and RIBA member Tim Ryan reports on the On 26th March RIBA East Midlands meeting to discuss the renewal of the RIBA Strategy.

I was pleased to attend a meeting of RIBA East Midlands to discuss it’s 2016-2020 Strategy, Leading architecture, which follows on from where the current (excellent) 2012-2016 strategy leaves off.

RIBA President-elect Jane Duncan was present along with Executive Director of Communications and Outreach, Gill Webber along with a variety of RIBA members from the region and the Regional Office.

The strategy will address key questions such as:

Promoting the profession and architecture

  • What do we want the profession to be?
  • How do we want to be seen by clients, public and other professions?
  • How can we influence procurement?
  • What about social engagement?
  • What do wee need to be seen as? Proactive, collaborative, influential?
  • How can we have a strong voice within the construction industry?
  • How can we best share the impact of successful architecture?
  • How can we build a better Britain?

Sharing information, working together to improve the architecture profession

  • Are we good at communication?
  • Who do we want to influence?
  • Do we need to be repositioned?
  • Do we wish to be seen once again as climate change leaders?
  • How can we improve the relation of Regions with each other and with the Portland Place?

Culture, research, innovation

  • Do we wish to be an open and inclusive profession? 
  • How can we increase diversity within the profession?
  • How can we encourage lifelong learning?
  • How can we improve routes into the architecure profession?
  • How do we help students and young architects with business and other skills? 

Our sub-group discussed the balance of the Institute’s remit between promoting architecture and representing members’ interests. There were a variety of views but the consensus seemed to be that the Institute will need to continue to do both in the future. But to what degree?

Keep an eye out for emails from your regional RIBA team for more information on how you can join in with the consultation, which will be taking place until April 2015, with the final strategy due to be signed off by Council in September.

In addition, Jane Duncan mentioned the RIBA Local Initiative Fund, of which I was unaware. This is open to branches and societies affiliated to the RIBA. It makes small grants for projects & activities that champion better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture. 

I can’t find anything current about the fund but here is an historic press release from 2011 describing the Local Initiative Fund.

Personally, I’m looking forward to reading the final 2016-2020 Strategy. I'd be interested in hearing what your views are.


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