Multi-lingual websites that work


Many architects are now working on an international basis and often have headquarters in key cities around the globe.  By having a multi-lingual website that can be accessed by your client base in each country you demonstrate your commitment to engaging at a local level despite being an international company.  

The key to success is to commission a website developer that has experience in taking this type of project forward, this will save you a lot of time as they can liaise with all the key people that are needed to create a multi-lingual website. 

Here are five things that we can do to ensure that your multi-lingual website is fit for purpose and reflects your brand:


  1. At the start of the project we take time to understand which countries you are targeting and develop a specification that will lead to a website design that appeals to all cultures.
  2. We will project manage the whole process. There are so many things to consider such as domain names, web server configuration and content translation.
  3. We will liaise with the key partners required to get the website completed, these include web developers and translators.
  4. We look at the finer details of the website functionality.  For example you may need to cater for a language that is written from right to left as well as left to right.  In this case the page layouts will need to be configured differently.
  5. The length of the words and the font size will need to be taken into consideration.  Some languages are difficult to read if the font is set at the regular size e.g. Arabic.  Also the length of words varies in different languages so the design needs to accommodate this difference.


There are lots of other technical details that we need to address that allow for effective links and support Google recognition of each page.  Having worked on multi-lingual websites we can ensure that the whole process is managed smoothly and you get a website that attracts visitors across the globe.

For advice on either building a multi-lingual website or extending the scope of your current website please do get in touch with us by calling 0115 914 5839 or email us at

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