Flash is dead


A few years ago there were a number of advantages of using Adobe Flash technology - sites could be more interactive and there was greater control over the display. However, the situation has changed drastically and there are some serious drawbacks from having Flash on your website.

flash is blocked

So why is Flash Technology very rarely used now?

1. The most recent issue that has arisen with Flash Websites is concern over security.  There have been a number of critical flaws in the Flash Player Technology which have been exploited by hackers.  Apple now automatically blocks all Flash websites on its computers, the user has to install a new plug-in.  This will drastically reduce the number of people that will potentially view your website.

2. Websites that are built using Flash Technology cannot be viewed on Apple mobile devices (and many others, too).  There is plenty of evidence to show that there is an increase in users using iPads and mobile phones when surfing the internet for services.  Creating a Flash based website will mean that mobile device users will not be able to view your website.

3. Most Flash applications and websites are very large and slow to download.  This means that users searching the internet for a service will have to wait while your website is downloaded if it has been built using Flash.  Users are very impatient now and they have plenty of choice so are more likely to move on to a competitors website if that loads quicker than yours.

4. Search engines can’t read text in Flash, this means that your website will struggle to rank high in any search engines such as Google.  Search engine spiders cannot index text that is embedded in an image.  It is better to have HTML pages which can be indexed rather than Flash.  

So if you have a website that was built using Flash you may need to consider whether it is time to have a new website built that will be more user friendly.

Many Architecture Practices still use Flash because they want to showcase images of their work in the best possible way. You need to be clear about why you want to continue to us Flash Technology.  Most users that access your website will be searching for information about you, not animation.  You may grab someone’s attention for a split second by having a flashy introduction but if you don’t have well written content then it’s likely the user will move on.  There are many other platforms for building websites which allow you to add good quality images so you can still keep your website visual and attractive.

If you would like any advice on how to improve your website’s performance, particularly if you are currently using Flash, then please do give us a ring on 0115 914 5839 or email us on hello@volute.co.uk

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