A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures


We work with architects on a regular basis, designing websites that work for them. Over the past few months we have been looking at architects websites across the UK to get a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.

We have found that the majority of websites are beautifully designed and they have good quality images which showcase their work.

Once a potential client is on your website good quality images may keep them there but you need to consider these two points:

  • How do they find your website if searching online?
  • Will they understand how you can help them?

If you want new clients to find you easily online and understand what you offer you need to think about the content - particularly the words.  We love this quote from Rudyard Kipling ‘Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind’.  A few words on your website will really help you to engage better with potential client and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

If you're still not convinced here are three things for you to consider: 

1. Getting found on Google and other search engines

The internet was built as a source of information to all.  The way it works is quite simple.  A user types in key words they are searching for and the search engines look through pages of all websites that have these keywords in them, e.g. Architects in London.  Search engines are looking for pages which are relevant and up to date so you need to make sure you have the keywords on the website and that you put fresh content on whenever you can.  Search engines cannot 'see' images or graphics, only text (although you can tag graphics with text descriptions).

2. What do your clients want to know about you?

We all have competitors and we need to make sure that we stand out from the crowd.  By describing what you do and how you work with your clients you can emphasise the benefits to clients of working with you.  If you are writing your content yourself then make sure that the content is easy to read and is about the potential client rather than you.  Put yourself in the shoes of the user and consider what questions will they be asking and how can you answer them.

3. Engaging with clients online so they keep coming back

People often have blogs on their website.  Blogging on a regular basis enables  search engines to see that you are keeping your website up to date - one of the key metrics they use to determine a website's relevence.  If you write content that is useful, possibly including some case studies, you will find that you can engage your audience more effectively.  You may even find that your current clients keep coming back to find out about latest news which is useful to them.

So we encourage architects to keep adding good quality images on to their websites but also to add some rich content that makes their websites work for them.

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