Over time your client base may change and if your website doesn't reflect the clients you want, it will not be helping you to win them. 
We work with many firms facing this dilemma; their website feels as if it no longer represents who they are and it has to change. Allan Joyce Architects was one such client.  Their director Clive Hewitt commented;
"We have had our website for quite some time - it could be traced back to 2005. We wanted to update the site's appearance and functionality to reflect the changes in our client base as well as to add new functionality such as adding video to our site."

Helping you win the clients you want

Our solution was to refresh their website so that it not only had the look and feel they wanted but also the additional functionality as well.  It was not about imposing a new website on the client, but about working organically with them to enable the changes and development they wanted. 
"We asked Volute to come in and to talk through some of our requirements and we hope that this site will now last us for many more years to come." 

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