After a recent refresh of Hosta Consulting’s website, Tim Ryan from Volute and Helen Taylor of Hosta Consulting had a brief discussion about all things green and how they use their website - - to get their message across.

Volute: Tell me a little about Hosta Consulting

Hosta Consulting: We are a Nottingham based Urban Landscape Design Studio - essentially, we use plants to create spaces.


V: Who you are trying to communicate with?

HC: Everyone! Although greening cities and mitigating the negative effects of climate change is a huge topic and focus for people and governments across the world, everyone should be able to make environmental-based decisions by themselves. 

We find there is a lot of jargon around the subject. So we want to keep it simple so that we can communicate in a clear way that is accessible to everyone. 


V: How are you using your website to educate and inform site visitors?

HC: By blogging regularly, we ensure our website always has new content. We like to inform by example, showing case studies from other countries who are implementing successful green infrastructure projects.

From this, our business is promoted automatically as we can show the level of quality and expertise in the field. We are really keen to educate people about the multiple benefits that green infrastructure provides and I think this really comes through on our website.


V: When you created your new logo, you decided to take the opportunity to have a refresh the appearance on the website. Why was this? 

HC: Because the new logo needed to be on a white background, we decided to make more use of our banners, which not only complement our logo but give each page its own identity and showcase some of our work. It is now a more succinct user experience. 

Since updating our website, our service offerings are a lot clearer, so from this aspect, we want to communicate with businesses all across Nottingham that could improve their Corporate Social Responsibility by developing green infrastructure. This also includes local councils and policy makers, housing associations, architects and retail and hospitality establishments. Everyone can benefit from green space!


V: How you like the site now that it works on mobile phones?

HC: The site is so much more user friendly now that it works on iPhones and Androids. From personal experience we know that if a website is difficult to navigate on a phone then we’ll give up using it, so hopefully we won’t have this problem with future customers now! 


V: How the site has been able to develop as your business has grown?

HC: We have been able to add a lot more content as our portfolio grows, and we are constantly learning about what is going on in the industry which we like to share. 

As we have expanded our team, we now commit time each week to blog and share across social media. We have also spent time recently on making sure our website gives a concise overview of our services and correctly describes our brand and offering. 

The team at Volute have been so helpful and patient with making all these changes for us!


V: How you are using the website in your promotional work?

HC: We publish a news article each week to inform about what is happening in industry or current projects were working on, as well as a blog article also once a week. We post links to our website where we host the blog on all of our social media channels so it’s a good way of directing traffic.   

We have also started adding PDF’s and photos after each project which give an overview of each project as we finish it. This is a really effective concise way to showcase our services.

For more information on all things green visit the Hosta Consulting website.

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